updated: May 23, 2023

A place for sacred connection with self and others

Sonder & Spice, a hypnotic tea lounge, invites you to a journey of sensory exploration with exotic teas, mystical ceremonies, and bassy downtempo beats. This sanctuary, fueling self-discovery through cards sparking passionate conversations, fosters radical acceptance and vulnerability. At Sonder & Spice, you become more than a visitor - you are a vital spark in our symphony, celebrating the boundless depth of the human spirit.


Our mission is to create a sacred space for the tribe we come to playa with and for those we discover and call in throughout the burn. The sanctuary (lounge) space and our passion for music coalesce into a siren song for those seeking to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. This is our way of strengthening the family that will make that world reality.







We are here. 2:45 & F

We are here. 2:45 & F

It’s almost here!

We’re ramping up the process of getting to playa again this year, and this time, we’re not driving another fucking truck! 🚚💥

We’ll keep updating this site with the info you need to know. Feel free to ask questions in the Signal group if you have them, and we’ll add more info here so everyone benefits.

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All the information here is important for making sure we can provide the necessary infrastructure to have a great time | | Public Signal Group | https://signal.group/#CjQKIJgP7hfxZ_yyTp0xcdtmWJoXa7MtIzsVNJi5ne8EamKqEhBaOfzapF-AuJdp612diLy2 | The public Signal group where we post updates, reminders to register for ticket sales, and other info. |